How we test

Every single vacuum cleaner that we discuss on our website has been purchased by us and tested by us. We have thorough reviews of each product where you can read about what we like and dislike, the performance, value for money and much more.

Our vacuum review covers a wide range of factors including the following:

Affordability – we don’t just recommend the most expensive vacuum cleaner, we rank and rate each product based on an affordability scale and compare vacuum cleaners like for like. For example, typically speaking a £30 vacuum cleaner isn’t going to come up trumps against a £400 state of the art vacuum. We think it is important that our readers get an honest and unbiased review that also keeps your budget in mind.

Weight – I will always remember purchasing what I thought was going to be a great vacuum cleaner. Once it arrived, I removed all the packaging, set it up and switched it on. I soon realised the vacuum cleaner was extremely heavy which not only meant manoeuvring the beast was neon impossible but also carrying it up and down the stairs. This is why we believe it is absolutely vital that we take into consideration the weight and general manoeuvrability of the vacuum cleaner is extremely important.

Carpet cleaning – it wouldn’t be much of a test if we didn’t see how the products performed on carpets. For this, we use various multiple materials to recreate the common types of cleaning you would find in an everyday home.

Wooden floors – another key part of the test is seeing how the product performs on wooden floors. For example, removing dirt from crevices and gaps in flooring as well as the removal of different materials on wooden floors and the wear and tear the vacuum cleaner has on the wooden floor.

Pet hair cleaning – another vital part of the test for all you pet lovers is how well the vacuum cleaner performs against pet hair. For this, we use pet hair which has been tread into a carpet as well as pet hair on a wooden floor.

Stair cleaning – and another critical performance factor is how well the product cleans stairs. Also, whether the product comes with additional tools specifically designed for cleaning stairs. Lastly, how long the detachable hose is, how heavy the vacuum cleaner is and how long the cord is.

Battery life – not always applicable, but for those portable vacuum cleaners, it is critical that we test the products battery life. Interestingly, some of the most expensive products have abysmal battery life.

Noise levels – there is nothing worse than the droning sound of a loud vacuum cleaner. We appreciate that they are loud, but sometimes there is loud and other times there is LOUD. We find out which is which.

And you thought it was simple. There is a lot of testing and reviewing vacuum cleaners and that’s not all! We also look at verified customer reviews to see what others who have already purchased the product have to say.

how we test vacuum cleaners

How to support our work

There are a variety of expenses that are required to run this website, including cloud-based website hosting, photography equipment (cameras, lighting, software), security software and of course purchasing the vacuum cleaners for testing. In order to pay for these expenses and for my time, Top Ten Vacuums uses referral links. When you use one of our links to purchase a vacuum cleaner, this tells the retailer that you were referred from Top Ten Vacuums and we are then rewarded with a small commission. Please let me highlight that these referral links do not cost you anything.

It’s also worth noting that we do not accept any sponsored advertisements or paid endorsements to recommend a particular product, everything we say and recommend is our own opinion and completely unbiased.

Our aim is to provide you with the most thorough, unbiased, honest reviews and accurate recommendations for vacuum cleaners. We believe that if we are able to achieve this, then our website will grow naturally simply by word of mouth. However, we would love it if you could share with family and friends, this will help support our website.

If you want to support our work then please use our links. If you have found the vacuum cleaner for you then if you make the purchase through one of our referral links then you can help support us without costing you a penny. Below are all our current vacuum cleaner reviews:

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