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First Bagged Cordless Stick Vacuum Launched by Gtech

The newly designed, mid-priced Gtech Pro vacuum cleaner can clean up to 15 times before emptying than other vacuum cleaners with its extra-large 1.5-litre dust bag and cordless stick design. Combining the convenience of cordless vacuuming with hygienic dust bags for convenient disposal, the reasonably priced Gtech Pro features a number of improvements over the older model Gtech Air Ram vacuums.

Convenient Mini-Tools

Gtech Pro Attachment Combinations

The uniquely designed, small handheld vacuum unit includes a detachable floor tool along with a variety of other mini tools for cleaning tight areas. It is not necessary to purchase a separate hand-held vacuum cleaner for small jobs as the Gtech Pro can do it all. The larger floor tool is strong enough to pick up bigger objects such as food, yet still does a good job picking up fine dust particles and hair. The mini-tools can suck particles out of most small spaces such as corners, cracks and crevices.

Gtech Pro Handheld

Disposable Bags Great for People with Allergies

The larger than average dust bag design means that bags do not have to be emptied, discarded or purchased as often. The strong, durable bags have triple layers of protective fabric to collect and keep dust securely inside. Each bag includes a small cap so that bags can be closed tightly and easily discarded. The initial purchase of a Gtech Pro includes two bags, and packs of 10 can be purchased at low cost. The average household should be able to make one pack of 10 bags last a full year making the disposable bag a convenient option for busy households with little time to spend on cleaning.

Gtech Pro Bagged Function

With its newer design, the Gtech Pro continuously sucks in air while compressing dirt in the bag which means the user can clean a large area efficiently without having to stop and empty a full bag. The sturdy bag keeps dirt and dust particles securely confined cutting down on allergens in the air. Discarding the full bag instead of emptying it keeps dirt and dust from being released back into a clean room, and prevents allergy sufferers from breathing in irritating dust particles.

Long Battery Life

The Gtech Pro has a longer battery life of approximately 40 minutes when used in standard mode and 20 minutes when placed on the highest setting. The battery can be easily removed for charging which takes about four hours. The lightweight, more compact design enables almost anyone to handle the vacuum cleaner with minimal effort, and the fast recharge times means an average-sized home can be vacuumed completely in one day.

More Advancements Coming Soon

Ever a pioneering company, Gtech is not stopping with this recent launch of the new Pro version. The company is working on what it calls an entirely new approach to hoovering and will be unveiling a new product later this year. In 2019 the company plans to begin manufacturing exclusively in the UK, with its products made to order and picked up by couriers at the end of the production line for fast delivery to customers.


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