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Dyson V8 Absolute Vacuum Giveaway

On the hunt for a new vacuum cleaner? Fancy a powerful, lightweight and cordless vacuum cleaner? Then enter our giveaway below and get a chance to win the Dyson V8 Absolute, our number one recommendation in the best cordless vacuum guide!

Dyson V8 Absolute Vacuum Giveaway

Use the Gleam widget above to enter our giveaway for a chance to win the Dyson V8 Absolute. Please remember the giveaway has begun today 7th March 2018 and will end on the 30th April 2018. You can enter our giveaway through a variety of methods which are highlighted by the Gleam widget above. The more ways you enter, the more chances you have of winning!

Dyson V8 Giveaway

Giveaway Rules

  • Duration – our giveaway is open starting today, 7th March 2018 and will close on the 30th April 2018.
  • Prize – we will be giving away one (1) Dyson V8 Absolute cordless vacuum cleaner.
  • Entry – to enter our giveaway use the Gleam widget above. You can enter via the various options available, only entries verified through the Gleam widget will be counted.
  • Winner – the winner will be randomly selected based on the total pool of entries verified through Gleam. One (1) winner will be selected within 48 hours of the giveaway finishing. The winner will be contacted via the E-mail address they supplied when entering the giveaway. The winner will then have 48 hours to respond to the E-mail and to accept their prize. If the winner does not respond within the 48 hour time period a new winner will be selected until a winner responds and accepts the prize. The winner must also provide a valid UK or US postal address in order to claim the prize. The prize will be delivered to the winner via UPS, DHL, Royal Mail or FedEx via Amazon delivery service.
  • Eligibility – To enter the giveaway you must be a resident of either the United Kingdom or the United States and at least 18 years of age.

The author Will

Having gone through the rigmarole of choosing and purchasing a vacuum cleaner, Will knows best the absolutely horrendous journey of a vacuum cleaner consumer. He now focuses his time and attention on helping you find the perfect vacuum cleaner for your needs.


  1. I want to win a Dyson V8 because my daughter is about to start weaning and I know that from that moment I’ll be using a vacuum after every mealtime, and following her around with one when she is snacking! So would love a cordless easy to use vacuum.

  2. In a house full of children and two shaggy pups, our house is a vacuum graveyard. A powerful vacuum like the dyson absolute would be a game changer!

  3. I would love to win it because just bought my first house and renovating and getting ready to lay new carpets and would love to take care of them from the beginning

  4. my current vacuum cleaner is failing to work properly . I know I can rely on the reputation of a Dyson .

  5. Firstly, this is great cordless vacuum — keyword, cordless. I want a cordless vacuum for quick clean ups downstairs and I try to make a habit of not buying junk. And I like that a wall mount is included

  6. I want to win a Dyson because of it’s great reputation and my old vac is almost ready for the trash heap. Thanks for the chance to win.

  7. I’d don’t like vacuuming anyway, but it’s worse when Henry keeps tripping over his cable (or when I do). This Dyson would make things much more bearable for me.

  8. Our old vacuum as lost it’s suck and likes to simply move the dirt around a little. He as worked very hard for the last 8 years and is looking forward to retirement.

  9. Because we have been trying to decide which vacuum to buy for ages and keep reading all the reviews which is what attracted me to your site! so why not make my decision easier and just give me this one 😉 if not I’ll have to read your reviews! thanks!

  10. I find it hard to lift heavy objects so am struggling carrying my current vacuum cleaner up and down the stairs and this looks so light and transportable. It would help immensely with my housework and Dyson’s have such a good reputation, it would be great to own one. Thanks for the chance xx

  11. I’d love to win so that I can stop wLking on grit in the house, brought in by my dog (blame her for everything!)

  12. My hoover is 7 years old and it’s loosing it’s purpose with three kids three cats a dog and a very untidy other half this would be perfect for my chaotic house x

  13. With our wooden flooring and hard to reach places, this vacuum clear would be so much more versatile compare to the push along one we have at the moment…It looks as if it performs very well and will be great for picking up dog hairs as well !!

  14. We love Dyson vacuums. But our current one is on its last legs — not surprising as it’s worked very hard over the years! It would be awesome to get a new one to replace it.

  15. I’d love to win this as it would make my daughter’s life so much easier, as she’s my full time carer, a fantastic mum to my 5 year old grandson and we also have 5 cats! My daughter’s only 22 years old and has ME/CFS and hypermobility problems, so this would definitely help her so much, as hoovering takes so long with our Hoover and it uses up a great deal of her energy.

  16. Heard Dyson vacuums are fabulous. No matter what I have tried, can’t seem to pick up everything on wood floors or carpets. Would love to have a vacuum that WORKS!

  17. I have heard such good things about these, I planned to get one when we finish doing up the flat we have moved into.I currently have a Henry.

  18. I’d love to win this fabulous vacuum because I’m constantly tripping over the cord as I try to negotiate mine around furniture.

  19. 3 kids & 3 dogs makes cleaning a nightmare, just as well i like cleaning! A dyson v8 is one of the best and we all want the best

  20. we already have a Dyson and know how reliable and efficient they are . . . . .would love this more up to date model

  21. I want to win the the Dyson V8 Abosolute because of the amazing features it has to offer. The Dyson V8 ticks all the right boxes, it’s cordless, lightweight and powerful.

  22. Having a lot of stairs in our house it would be a lot less lifting for me as I get older. My current hoover is great but it is heavy and not as flexible or light as the Dyson

  23. I would love to win this because I think Dyson are the BEST vacuum cleaners ever,I do have an old one and it still works brilliantly but it’s getting a bit heavy for me now especially going up and down stairs.Keeping everything crossed.

  24. I’d love to win the Dyson V8 cordless vaccum because i live in a small flat and I’m a mother of a one year old whom makes mess everywhere, with this vaccum it’ll make cleaning more efficient. I love how the vaccum doesn’t take up so much space and my daughter won’t trip over the cord. This vaccum would be perfect for my family.

  25. Because Dyson is a well known, respected and trusted brand that makes quality products, I’d love to own one as my vacuum just isn’t upto the job

  26. My current vacuum is 17 years old, & isn’t really strong enough anymore . So I would love to win this. Thanks for the chance!

  27. I’ve a Springer Spaniel and she sheds hair by the ton.This would be ideal for those tighter places and the car.

  28. I have two messy kids and hoover after most meals. I don’t want to drag a big hoover around, so this would be ideal.

  29. With a big hairy dog, a newly decorated living room, new sofa and two kids, and a 10 year old hoover I could use a new vacuum cleaner…fingers crossed

  30. For the lightness of the product, i struggle with the weights of the uprights. so this would make it easier to do!

  31. Our 16month old son is forever finding “bits” on the floor. The ease of use with the Dyson V8 will make life so much easier (and safer)!

  32. I’d love to win this as my old hand-me-down hoover is so heavy and makes cleaning such a chore. This Dyson V8 Absolute would make things so much easier!

  33. This would be perfect for me when the grandchildren come round I could basically chase them round the house cleaning up after them

  34. I’d love a cordless – it’s amazing how the thought of wrangling the cord around the house discourages cleaning.

  35. I would like to win this as the vacuum cleaner I have at the moment I hate with a passion as it never works properly for me. I can never get the attachments to unclip/clip on and frequently feel like throwing it across the room

  36. I find my vacuum very heavy trying to get it up and down stairs is a nightmare To have something
    nice and light would be a dream.

  37. I have four children and two long coat chihuahuas so I do lots of vacuuming and our present vacuum is old!

  38. ooh many reasons, we adopted a deaf rescue doggie in december so we have so much more hair, i have an injured wrist after falling in the snow and its strapped up for 6 weeks, i live with the cookie monster and his son and i would love a squeeky clean home! haha

  39. I want to win this because my current vacuum (a Vax) is on it’s last legs. I live with my brother with autism who has OCD and he likes to do the vacuuming daily. He’s not very good at it though bless him, and I feel a handheld cordless device would be much easier for him.

  40. Because It’s systematic
    It’s hydromatic
    It’s Dyson lightning
    It’s got dust lifters and some four barrel suction
    Oh yeah
    A fuel injection cutoff and chrome plated rods
    Oh yeah
    It cleans the stairs, it cleans everywhere….
    It’s Dyson lightning!

  41. I’d love to win this because my hover has just recently stopped working on me and im honest lost without it. So I need a new hover badly

  42. Lots of reasons. We are downsizing and there won’t be much storage space. IHeavy vacuums are hard to lug around for me. I love Dysons and my current one is 10 years old.

  43. My hoover just broke and am currently borrowing my parents hoover which is a dyson and I love it. It’s so easy to use and does such a fantastic job of cleaning. Would love to own my own one. Fingers crossed!

  44. I am a stay at home carer/mum looking after my two disabled children. anything that could make my job cleaning the house easier would be a complete blessing. My current vacuum is exhausting.

  45. I would love to win the to win the Dyson V8 because I have mobility problems & I can’t push a standard hoover so this light weight one would be fab I could be more independent

  46. I’d love to try a Dyson V8, I am fed up of using cheap inferior heavy vacuum cleaners which make the housework such a burden

  47. I have health problems and a disability which makes it very hard for me to lift and move vacuum cleaners so I’d like to win a light, cordless model so that I can manage to vacuum sometimes.

  48. Never owned a Dyson before, have always heard such good things about them. Seems like it would be a hell of a lot easier to manoeuvre than my current vacuum.

  49. I have a fawn pug and as you would know they cast a lot and I know this Dyson V8 will absolutely do the trick!

  50. I would love to win this, as sadly my Dyson died a few years ago and I would love another one and this one sounds great. thanks.

  51. I would love to win as dysons are amazing Hoover’s and they are the best Hoover’s out there. My Dyson which I have had for years is playing up and would love to win this Dyson as it has fantastic reviews. This would be amazing to win..

  52. My dyson is ancient and bits have fallen off it and the hose has split! It can only be used with care! I’d love a new lighter weight one!

  53. With a little boy and a very playful dog running backwards and forwards through the house and into the garden a Dyson V8 might just keep me sane? 😉

  54. I have wanted a Dyson vacuum since they came out. I am aware they are number 1in the vacuuming world .My old vacuum is useless and I have resorted to brushing my carpet afterwards because my floors don’t feel clean enough.Thanks for the opportunity to win this fabulous prize……

  55. It looks like a real luxury item, I could probably never afford to have one but to own one would be amazing

  56. Because my hoover doesnt pick up anything, I have a pet and children so it really stresses me out when I cant clean properly

  57. I need to lighten my cleaning load….and since I have been coveting this Dyson for quite some time…I want very much to win the best of the best vacuum. 🙂 Thank you.

  58. I need a decent vacuum that will clear up the dog hair (German Shepherd) and help me keep agkesn house with a toddler and a newborn!

  59. I’ve bought too many Hoover’s in the past and the brushes underneath lack fibres The sucking power decreases even the hosepipes tear. Would be good to test out a new device.

  60. I love that this is lightweight and cordless, it would make my chores much easier, we currently have a Henry Hoover and whilst it has served us well he’s defintely way past due an upgrade

  61. I look forward to the floors getting cleaned instead of just dust blowing around until I get a broom. Thanks for this chance to win.

  62. Because I’m a crafter. And that means I leave a trail of glitter wherever I go, on the floor, the table and the furniture, so I need something that is quick and easy to use in all kinds of places.

  63. My old vacuum cleaner just isn’t cutting it anymore and with two small children and a dog I need a vacuum cleaner with powerful suction like the Dyson v8

  64. My Daughter is flying the nest very soon, so a super efficient vacuum cleaner would be an ideal moving in present.

  65. I have a fur baby who sheds hair like crazy, Would love the V8 to keep my home neat and clean at all times no matter what.

  66. I would love one to gift to my mum, she has arthritis and finds pushing a heavy vacuum cleaner very difficult. My mum has a long haired cat that leaves fluff all over the place and so regular vacuuming is required. This Dyson would also make vacuuming the stairs much easier for my mum.

  67. I would love to win as i hate hoovering as its so sore on my arms and back and this looks so lightweight and would be easier for me and i might actually enjoy it if i had a nice hoover like this

  68. I’d love to win because my current vacuum genuinely doesn’t pick any thing up unless I use just the nozzle on my hands and knees! I’d never be able to afford a great vacuum like this one so winning would be amazing. WIth three kids we need this!!!

  69. Because my Dyson DC03 is very old and bits keep breaking. The handle is cracked and covered with duck tape and the hose has a split (also duck taped)

  70. Because I’m using my mum’s old Kirby vac that she had when I was a kid! Honestly, that old brute must be 20 years old and it weighs a TONNE. It’s a nightmare to use and I dread having to heave it up the stairs.
    A new dyson would be SUCH a help, please!

  71. I have a long haired Germsn Shepherd and an African grey, what a mess they both create, never mind the children, I had a Dyson years ago,omg It shamed me,thought my home was vaccumed thoroughly, I was so wrong x

  72. My kitchen and my studio. Constant little cleanups. This would be great to reach for the Dyson and DONE!!!

  73. my old vacuum cleaner is big and clunky, and hardly picks up dust and dirt, and i believe dyson’s are the best vacuum cleaners on the market

  74. I would love to win because my current vacuum is getting to be way too heavy for me to use and I love the cordless feature.

  75. I’d love to win it for my daughter, who has children aged 4, 3 & 18 months whose favourite hobby seems to be how much mess they can create, she is also expecting twins so she needs all the help she can get

  76. I would love to win this vacuum. I have 2 dogs, 2 cats, 2 teenagers, a husband and a house full of white carpeting. Ha.

  77. I need a vacuum cleaner that will pick up cat fur and all the ones I have had so far fail to do that properly

  78. I’m fed up with tripping over my vacuum cable – it has a life of its own and manages to regularly wrap itself round my feet. A cordless Dyson would solve this and make it so much easier to keep on top of the cleaning

  79. Because my friend has one similar and i love playing about with it when i go round, she would be over the moon if i had one of my own haha!

  80. I would love to win this one for myself so I can give mine to my son and his wife who is expecting. I wish everyone could have a dyson especially pregnant women. It makes vacuuming so much easier.

  81. I would love to win one because I have no vacuum and I really need one ..seems my oldest teen would love to do some chores ..:) !

  82. I would absolutely love to win. I have owned 2 Dysons throughout life and can’t afford one at the moment. I love the creator and his story of his company and highly support him in the way he did Dyson 🙂

  83. I have three dogs and hair everywhere. It would be nice to have a good vacuum thats easy to carry and picks up.

  84. We have 4 dogs and cleaning the floors is so much work. Need something that will keep the floors clean. Dyson are the best.

  85. When you have smooth floors the dust and dirt just show up! If you don’t keep up with the dust bunnies have dust bunnies!


  87. I would like a vacuum that is reliable and has a good reputation like Dyson. My house could really use the help to clean-up!

  88. Beside it being the best vacuum on the market I believe it will be better on the pet hair that seems to linger.

  89. I want a Dyson V8 to remove hair and dust easily. My current vacuum is not up to the job and leaves behind as much as it removes.

  90. I have children and a husband that refuse to eat at the table and like to walk around whilst eating resulting in lots of crumbs. It would be amazing to just WHIP this out to clean the offending food crumbs.🌟✨ who doesn’t want a home that sparkles and shines.

  91. It is very difficult to find a good vacuum. I don’t have carpet but I do have cats. Plus I have a 2-storey house so I don’t want a massive machine to drag up and down the stairs.

  92. I have 2 young kids and I have heard great things about these beauties in managing the mess my rugrats leave behind.

  93. Because I’d love to actually have a quality vacuum that could really clean, I’d love to see just how much faster and cleaner it would be with a something like a Dyson!!

  94. I would like to win a Dyson because it would really help us to keep our place clean and work better than anything that we have right now.

  95. I would like to win a Dyson because, I have six gorgeous messy grandchildren, an old boxer dog and crumb dropping husband. I have recently purchased a new vacuum cleaner and it is too heavy for me to push, despite being advertised as easy to push and lightweight.

  96. My current cleaner is being held together with an elastic band and I need something light due to my arthritis. With four cats and a plasterer for a partner, I need something with good suction.

  97. The Dyson V8 looks perfect for my needs … so versatile being cordless and would make vacuuming so much easier!

  98. I have a heavy hoover thats no good to do the stairs or even carry up and down the stairs , would love a new lightweight hoover like this one

  99. My current Dyson was passed down to my from my mum. It still works (just) but is very heavy so not ideal for carrying up and down stairs and floor to ceiling hoovering is a no-go!

  100. I am in much need of a good hoover, especially a cordless one. I have two children, with another on the way soon. Every time my children eat something, whether it is a snack or a meal, I feel as if my whole house needs hovering. There are crumbs EVERYWHERE! In places I could not even imagine. Whilst being heavily pregnant, I find it extremely hard to plug in my super heavy hoover and drag it around the house to tidy up after them. After buying everything new for my little girl due soon, I have no money to spend on a hoover as a treat for myself. Winning this would be a dream come true as I could clean up easily after my children without having to plug it in every half an hour.

  101. I would love to win this because I haven’t found a vacuum cleaner that I really love and my others are getting old now.

  102. I live in a 3 storey town house and lugging the hoover up and down stairs kills my back! A cordless hoover would be perfect for hoovering the stairs 🙂

  103. my current vacuum is too heavy and a cordless would make housework so much easier especially having a messy 4 year old

  104. Dyson is the best hoover on the market and because it is light it would help my pensioner mother vacuum upstairs without straining to lift a heaver vacuum cleaner

  105. I have 8 cats and a dog so a cordless vacuum would be really helpful to quickly pick up fur and litter. I’ve heard really good things about the Dyson which is why I would love to win one. I think it would make clean up a lot faster than dragging out my upright corded vacuum.

  106. This would be so useful especially for the stairs – we have two young kids and a very hairy dog so seem to be constantly vacuuming!

  107. 3 very hairy dogs that get 2 walks a day in a very muddy park has finished off my cleaner. If I use it for more than 5 minutes it smells of burning plastic.

  108. I love Dyson’s I’ve always had them,I have 6 cats and it’s the only vaccum that does what it says,I would be so lost without 1, I’d love to win as my I’ll health is causing me problems so the V8 would be just perfect for me now.

  109. I’d love this because it’s so portable it would be so easy to the do the stairs or to whip it out to do a quick job when needed.

  110. My current vacuum is an age and keeps overheating it takes forever to Hoover the house and it is such a poor finish as it seems unable to pick up fluff….fingers crossed I win this awesome vacuum ty for the chance xx

  111. I’m a big Dyson fan I have the ball at the minute but it seems to have lost suction, this also looks more portable than my current hoover my toddler is further tripping over my wire

  112. My last vacuum died before Christmas and I’ve been borrowing my mums spare (which really has seen better days). With two kids and a dog we desperately need a replacement but with children’s birthdays coming up, that won’t be anytime soon.

  113. I would love to win the Dyson V8 as, due to my disability I rely on othsr family members to do the vacuuming. My youngest daughter is 11 and I know she will find it easy to use and achieve great resulrs as Dyson vacuums are so trustworthy. Good results is no mean feat in our house as we have 2 large dogs and 8 cats – so there is always plenty of fur to vacuum 😊

  114. My son has one of these and it’s fantastic! Easy to use so no dragging a big heavy vacuum around and no lead to fall over. Perfect!

  115. Hi! Finding a vacuum is a nightmare. We’ve gone through loads! We always buy the cheaper ones, which is probably why! But Dyson are always the ones that are recommended by friends and online. With two children, a dog and a husband it sure would be nice to own a decent vacuum cleaner!

  116. My Hoover doesn’t work great as the head keeps falling off. Plus ina cordless vacuum would be great and easier to handle.

  117. because my current one was a tenner second hand off the market and i would really love one that i didn’t have to ‘feed’ the dirt to!!

  118. Stylish new tech durable reliable
    Young carer daughter wants to be an engineer so will devour all tech details of new model

  119. I’m in desperate need of a new vacuum and a cordless one would be ideal as there aren’t a lot of accessible plug points in my flat and so I end up having to have very long cords that end up getting caught on furniture or tripped over.

  120. Dyson products are amazing and this would be ideal for me what with my back issues. This is lightweight and I would be able to use throughout the house with ease

  121. Firstly, my hoover doesn’t suck up very well, and secondly, the fact that this is smaller, it would be so much easier to store away in our tiny flat

  122. Having a quick to use Vacuum would be a life saver with our toddler dropping crumbs and bits all day long. Just pop the Dyson off the wall and away we go. Really Love this, Fingers Crossed. 😍👍🏼🤞🏼

  123. well with 5 kids, 2 cats and a labrador that malts like nobodies business, 3 floors of carpet, this would be a dream!

  124. Well being disabled with carers it would be fabulous not only for them to uses but for me also instead of trying to use the old school heavy beast we have

  125. I would love to win as my cat went to toilet over the side of her litter tray & I didn’t notice and vacuumed the floor so now my Dyson ball smells of cat wee :-O

  126. I would love to win a Dyson because they have such a,good reputation for great innovation, reliability and performance and they look good too!

  127. I would Love to win a dyson because I have four kids and five cats mess always endless making so hard for me at times .dysons have a,good reputation fast cordless and great brand never fails You and good for your back rather then heavy lifting

  128. Our house is spread over three floors with winding staircases, and my old Dyson Animal is sooooo heavy! This would make my life so much easier!

  129. i would so love to win dyson v8 because at the moment i dont have working vacuum my old one broke and need replace it…

  130. I don’t currently have a vacuum as mine broke a month ago. With 3 cats in my household, a vacuum is a must and I have always wanted a Dyson!

  131. I am horribly messy- crumbs everywhere! Add pets and a man to that- we need a powerful vac. And Dyson is fantastic quality.

  132. With 5 children and 4 grandchildren I need a tough hard working vacuum to cope with the mess but also lightweight so its easier for my to wizz round my house. A dyson looks like it would fit the bill nicely x

  133. With two long-haired cats and a pug that sheds constantly along with four very active kids and a hubby who likes to work outside, I need a vacuum that can masterfully handle all the dirt, dust and hair that accumulates. The Dyson V8 sounds like the perfect candidate for the job!

  134. love to win as our hoover is almost 10 years old and barely sucks up dirt and with a toddler and German shepherd we need one that actually works.

  135. I have 2 young children who make a mess, constantly. This would make a huge difference to me cleaning up their constant mess!

  136. I would love to win this for my wife as I have just got her a puppy so this would be a great help with his hair on the floor and carpets

  137. I’d love to win because everyone I know who has a Dyson vacuum loves it, and I want to have a vacuum I love instead of one I dislike!

  138. The Dyson V8 would make it so quick & easy to clean up after my four little kitties! I’d be able to vacuum the stairs much more safely & go over the car with ease! It’s a fantastic model & I’d just be over the moon to have one!

  139. I’d love to win as we have recently moved into our first family home and haven’t even got a hoover yet! x

  140. I was told that this is one of the best vacuum cleaners around at the moment and I would so love to try this out for myself. Thanks for the chance

  141. I can’t manage a traditional vacuum, Dyson V8 cordless is reputed to be both very light-weight and very powerful.

  142. I would like to win it because it looks light yet powerful, and i think it will be up to acting all my vacuuming needs!

  143. I’d love to win because I have a small space vacuum cleaner that really doesn’t do the job…its a low quality cheapie vacuum I got for my college residence. We have a larger more powerful vacuum but its pretty bulky and not practical for a quick clean up. With 2 long haired cats and my long hair, a high quality vacuum that is easy to use would be amazing.

  144. i have 4 messy kids and 1 messy husband! i have fibromyalgia and struggle with our corded hoover to do the stairs so a cordless dyson would be amazing!

  145. I have a cordless vacuum cleaner and love how light weight and versatile it is but it isn’t very powerful and doesn’t do a very good job. From what I’ve read, this one looks ideal.

  146. I’m moving House soon and would be lovely to have a new hoover to take with us when me and my boyfriend move in together.

  147. I’ve always wanted to own a Dyson. Every other brand has let me down. Constantly buying new vaccumes. I’ve got teens coming in and out of my home and lots of crumbs left behind. Dyson gets the job done!

  148. I am a 6 month pregnant mum of two crazy boys who make a crazy amount of mess everytime they eat something. If they have a biscuit, I find crumbs everywhere and feel like my whole house needs hoovering. I have to drag around a heavy hoover which puts so much pressure on my back! Winning this would be a dream come true!

  149. I think it has to be the best brand vacuum around… it would be brilliant to actually own one it would be perfect for my flat & great to use in my car

  150. It would make housework so much easier 👌 No unwrapping and re-wrapping the cable, or being tied to the sockets! Potentially the V8 could make vacuuming a joy!


  151. I live in a tiny flat and my current “Henry” vacuum takes up loads of space, and looks so untidy. This lovely compact little Dyson would be just perfect.

  152. Love to win a modern, cleaner- powerful, lightweight and cordless are on the qualities I would want in a new cleaner

  153. I would love to win as would make cleaner much easier with a lightweight hoover will be so much easier on my spine and enjoy cleaning again xx

  154. I would love to win this amazing prize. It would make my life so much easier as my vacuum cleaner is so cumbersome I can’t get a good clean up!

  155. because my current vacuum weighs a ton and I can’t do the stairs or upstairs in my house because of that. I’d like a lightweight cordless one that I can easily do the stairs with and carry upstairs to do the bedrooms with.

  156. I would love to win as my current vacuum cleaner is so heavy and bulky, I would love this Dyson as it would be so much easier to do the stairs and would make vacuuming a dream.

  157. Cordless, powerful, works on all types of flooring (we have carpets, rugs , & laminate) it’s quiet, & comes with a great range of tools making all sorts of jobs easier, I would Love this! Make a great family addition!

  158. I need a lightweight cleaner, this would be an amazing win. I have a messy diyer husband, a clumsy son and a puppy. So it would be well used! 😊

  159. My old vacuum is getting old and no longer works so well. I am also getting older and need something lighter to carry around

  160. It’s a nightmare trying to lug my current corded out to the car – would be a life-saver to be able to just carry a Dyson handheld out and get it done in no time!

  161. I would love to win as I get fed up with lugging my heavy, corded vacuum up and down stairs. Fingers crossed.

  162. It would be great for keeping on top of the cleaning without messing about getting the vacuum cleaner out and plugging it in and having to wind the cord in afterwards!

  163. Would love to have a cordless one so I didnt always have to be careful of the wire and it would make hoovering so much easier!

  164. I want to win the Dyson V8 Absolute cordless vacuum cleaner,because it is lightweight and cordless.
    Here are my top 3 reason for a Dyson V8 Absolute cordless vacuum cleaner:
    1 .I do not want to run over the wires of the old vacuum cleaner, like Hmm,What’s that smell?
    2. I do not want to physically hurt myself by rolling it to it’s special storage area.
    3. I do not wish to discover the trail the vacuum left behind and try to vacuum the exact same area twice.

  165. Would love to win for the lightness of it and ease of using as I have some disabilities so would make my life so much easier

  166. i would love to win as i find my upright hoover so painful to use with chronic arthritis, this would be bliss

  167. i have a very old hetty hoover thats falling apart and since using my mums dyson hoover i fell in love with it

  168. We have a dyson which we’ve had for more years than I care to remember. Its great, but the power keeps stopping randomly, and I cannot life after our dyson 🙁

  169. Lots of pets, lots of stairs and lots of chores that take me inside and outside equals a need for a cordless and effective vacuum cleaner. I think the Dyson V8 might just be the answer.

  170. Would LOVE to win this, my current hoover is crap, it takes me three times as long to hoover than it should because my one just does not suck anything thing up! its a actual nightmare! what i would give to be able to be satisfied by a vacuum!

  171. My carpet is always full of dog hair and I know the Dyson V8 would be great at getting ridof the dogs hairs.

  172. would love to win the Dyson V8 as the heavy vacuum we currently have means it is difficult to do stairs and hard to manoeuvre,with this there will be no excuse for my husband to not do as much vacuuming! x

  173. Would love to have as have an old dyson upright DC08 – love it but it is very heavy and with arthitis am finding it hard to manouever, this would be so much better to use

  174. Ihave a very very old dyson animal cylinder is has been the best vacumn i have ever owned but it is old and not so powerful very heavy and with two dogs this would be a godsend both for my floors and my back

  175. I want to win a Dyson V8 because my long hair is such a nuisance to vacuum up. It takes ages to get all the hair off the carpets and your V8 will do the job much better than my present machine as it is super old!

  176. Id absolutely have the best vaccum cleaner if i was lucky enough to win this, no more bits left on the floor which doesnt get picked up by my old vac

  177. I would like to win this because my vacuum is no longer working well enough to cope with the debris from pets and kids.

  178. The V8 would be ideal for transporting up the stairs. My vacuum is heavy and cumbersome and doesn’t have the power to tackle embedded cat hairs in the carpets.

  179. I would love to win a Dyson V8 Absolute Cordless Vacuum because I’m struggling to get hair of the carpets in my house with my current ancient vacuum cleaner. Dyson has a fabulous reputation and it’s a bonus that this vacuum cleaner is both lightweight and cordless.

  180. i would love to win as a vacuum without wires would make it so much easier to do the stairs and as they are open it would be amazing to be able to clean the underneath of the stairs more often

  181. Cleaning with a corded vacuum is a hassle, and every time I do the stairs I think I’m either going to trip over the flex or pull the vacuum down on top of myself

  182. it would be nice to win this as when the children make a mess this would be much easier to get out to clean out than using my big vacuum.

  183. With three messy grandchildren, one dog and not forgetting a husband, this is certainly something i need to get around and clean up after them, it would be light and being cordless a godsend to get around those places without unplugging and plugging in elsewhere and it would be easier for them all to clean up after themselves

  184. We have a small V4 Dyson DC34 which is really excellent and our larger cabled Dyson Vacuum cleaner is reaching the end of it’s life but has performed excellently, We desperately need a V8 or V10 based cleaner to replace our old cleaner.

  185. My baby eats everything off of the floor and my old hoover is not keeping it very clean no matter how hard I try. I think a Dyson would help enormously.

  186. We have used Dyson’s since they first became affordable in the sales but they have all been uprights. Sometime just a small clean up is required and this would be perfect.

  187. A win would help give me back some of the self esteem disability has robbed me of and allow me to help keep my house super clean!!

  188. I was actually looking at this model in Argos as I need to replace mine as it now deemed to be an old model.

  189. We’ve just moved house and every little job we do seems to create dust and dirt, it would be lovely to have something we can have a quick clean up with.

  190. Because I’m fed up tripping over the cord of my old machine, which is behaving erratically and moodily-and who needs an eccentric vacuum cleaner!

  191. I want to win a Dyson V8 because they look so light and easy to use, we do have a vacuum, (Wet & Dry) but it is becoming almost impossible for me to carry it up the stairs now I am a certain age

  192. To clean up after my grandchildren visit! Dyson are renowned for their fantastic performance and this one looks easy t carry around and use!

  193. I have a dog and three cats whose hair gets everywhere. I have always wanted one of these so I can keep on top of the pet hair once and for all. I have a Sebo which I love, but a portable, cordless vac would be so much easier to use, especially on the stairs which I can barely manage vacuum these days.

  194. Would love this cordless vacuum as live in quite an old house & the plug sockets are few & far between & it takes forever with a corded vacuums so I’m forever having to plug/unplug!

  195. I would love to win this Dyson as my hover is very heavy and I am finding it hard to use especially on the stairs as my Husband has been very Ill he yoused to help me but he can’t at the moment as he was in Intensive care for 2 weeks and he has to get his self better

  196. I would so love to win to keep on top of all my doggys hair! my current Hoover is rubbish and his hair gets everywhere plus I hate my corded Hoover I’m forever banging and marking my skirting boards thanks for the chance x

  197. I have a Henry which is heavy to lift around the house and I have 5 children so I vacuum at least a couple of times a day. This would make light work of the vacuuming

  198. I want to win the Dyson vacuum cleaner because it is the top of the line and is supposed to have major suction. The vacuum I have now is a shark and I am always having to clean the filters and empty it because it clogs or the suction is so good all the time.

  199. We have the worst vacuum in the world that doesn’t pick anything up and we’ve been eyeing the Dyson up for a long time now but just haven’t had the money to get one!

  200. I’d love to win this because my current vacuum won’t pick up cat hairs properly, and I have a fluffy Norwegian Forrest cat 🙀

  201. Because my current one started falling apart when I used it yesterday. I need to have a good vac every day as my beautiful cat sheds his fur everywhere!

  202. Because Dyson are, quite simply, the best. Oh and my ancient corded cylinder cleaner is useless and doesn’t really pick up the dog hairs round the house. My daughter has a V6 and it’s brilliant so I’d guess the V8 is even better .

  203. My parents have a very old Dyson which is too heavy for them and difficult to push round, so this new model would be a great replacement!

  204. Aside from how great it would be to not have wires slowing me down, our trusty old Dyson was second hand when we got it over 10 years ago and it is still functional, but its age is showing as the head has to be taped on, we’ve broken most of the tools, and it’s far from perfect anymore!

  205. We would love a new Dyson V8 Absolute Vacuum, our kitchen floor & dining area need vacuuming several times a day i.e. kids !

  206. My husband works so hard looking after the family and the house and a few years ago I brought him a Hoover for Christmas and he was so thrilled but it’s on it’s last legs and he would be delighted if he got a new one,

  207. I would love to win because we have a Puppy that makes an absolute mess with bringing in mug, grass, stones and pulling all of the stuffing from her toys. This would be so handy being able to Just grab out the Dyson and hoover up as I have to hoover several times a day and the larger hoovers are hard work to get out.

  208. My current vacuum cleaner is an old “Henry” which my mother and I ‘inherited’ off my sister when she emigrated over 21 years ago. Not only is it now a bit elderly (like us, I guess!) but both my mother and I have dexterity problems which mean it is so difficult for us to use “Henry” these days we use a carpet sweeper and dust pan and brush to do the floors and stairs. As we both also have joint problems in our hips and legs this isn’t ideal. A super-duper new vacuum cleaner that is lightweight and versatile, such as the Dyson V8 Absolute, would make our lives so much easier

  209. My vacuum does a great job of making a lot of noise but refuses to pick up any mess so a new one is needed, this one would be perfect.

  210. I want to win because I’ve got two very messy boys who drop food crumbs etc everywhere and i need a light and powerful vacuum to deal with them lol

  211. My Hoover just can’t cope with my hair, my husband’s, the baby’s and the two cats. I have to take it apart and clean it every time I use it!

  212. I have always wanted to own a Dyson but couldn’t afford it as its pricey. So fingers crossed. Its a fab giveaway x

  213. Because it would make the hoovering so much easier, especially getting it up and down stairs, and hoovering the stairs also!

  214. Because we have two very beautiful but very messy guinea pigs and I am always desperate for the best hoover to deal with the carnage.

  215. Would be great to have a decent vaccum cleaner and one that lasts longer than the ones my husband keeps buying they don’t last long and don’t do the job properly. Thanks for the chance to win one.

  216. Because it would love changing in the world of vacumming in my house – I have an old cleaner at the moment and it struggles to get around – this looks like it’d be light but efficient!!

  217. My vacuum cleaner is very old and very heavy. With my disability, I need a lightweight vacuum cleaner that I can use with ease

  218. This could be great for my cleaning days as my cat is killing me with her hair…carpets, beds…hair everywhere. This could really help. I want it because it will help me keep my home cleaner. Simple and honest.

  219. I’ve just moved into my new flat and a small, lightweight vacuum would be perfect for keeping the place clean and tidy 🙂

  220. With such a renowned reputation for the latest technology and performance, I would appreciate using this light, cordless, vacuum to make this chore that bit easier.

  221. Picking the crumbs and dust up with my hands is becoming unmanageble. This vaccum cleaner would halfd the time it takes to clean.

  222. I have severe back issues and vacuuming is always the chore I dread the most. The Dyson V8 looks like it would be extra light and easier for me to handle.

  223. My current vacuum cleaner is nothing but old, “very old” parts that were put together from which my grandfather and Uncle ‘put together’ from parts they got off the roadside. Not only is it a good time to actually bring (win one) but I have taken in my parents which have medical problems with COPD to that of allergy sensitivity meaning it is going to be difficult for us financially – as these days we live check to check and now we got to squeeze it a little tighter. As I have medical problems from having brain surgery rapid heart, leg shaking (condition: unknown, insurance wont cover the tests) and a condition known as RSD / CRPS. A new vacuum cleaner that is lightweight and versatile, such as the Dyson V8 Absolute, might help make doing that of a little housework make my parents feel welcome and by chance, would make our lives so much easier in a variety of ways.

  224. I want to win Dyson because they are one the top ten best vacuums out there and i’m tired of the vacuums I keep buying that just don’t do a good job of picking up all the dust and dog hair!

  225. I waited a long time, saved a long time, and purchased a vacuum that advertised comparable to Dyson. Didn’t take me long to realize my mistake. I should have returned it.

  226. I would love the Dyson V8 Absolute Cordless Vacuum as I am moving into a new home in the coming months and need a vacuum. Love the fact that it’s cordless too!

  227. Our last vacuum cleaner broke as it just couldn’t keep up with 3 children the youngest being almost 2 and an endless source of mess on the floor, we need a powerful cleaner just to keep pace with her alone nevermind the other 2 kids (one autistic and another endless source of mess), husband and pets! This would be a game changer and stop me spending most my days with cleaner or broom in hand!

  228. I’d love to win as I’m buying my first house with my other half and we don’t have a hoover yet this would be amazing I love dyson vacuums

  229. My old vacuum doesn’t have the suction it used to and with 5 cats in our home we need a vacuum strong enough to pick up all the hair they shed.



  231. My vacuum is not working well. We recently got a cat so I need a good vacuum for litter clean up and fur clean up.

  232. would love a new hoover, never thought I would hear myself say that, but anything that makes housework easier with my family

  233. our vacuum has a short lead and it drives me potty! We have a large house and i have to constantly unplug it and plug it in another socket. This would be fab especially for on our stairs and carpets

  234. I want to win it for my mum who is poorly and struggles to bend. It will give her that bit of independence back so she won’t have to bend to do a quick hoover!

  235. l’ve had my last Dyson 10 years and with living in a maisionette its not the easiest to get up and around stairs. So this cordless would be such a help with out me having to be an acrobat on the stairs with the vaccum and of course Dyson is the best Vaccum maker by far!

  236. I would like a Dyson v8 absolute cordless as I have a dog and it’s a nightmare trying to hoover up dog hairs and I have a lot of stairs this would be great for those

  237. I’ve had my eye on a V8 for a little while, I loved my Dyson but it’s on it’s last legs now as we have had it for years.

  238. Having fibromyalgia I struggle to lug our corded Dyson around so a lightweight cordless one would be fabulous! Would be a lot easier on my joints!

  239. Honestly, the main reason I want to win it is because we almost did, about a year ago, but decided to go with a cordless Vax instead. It is genuinely the worst vacuum I have ever used, and now I am stuck with it.

    1. Thanks for your comment Edward. I am interested in hearing what you dislike about the Vax cordless? We’ve tested the Vax Blade and admittedly it’s nowhere near as good as the Dyson V8 or V10, but it’s not the worst we have tested either! Good luck!

  240. This vacuum would be very convenient to use around my house to easily clean hard to reach places and around my room so that my allergies to dust don’t worsen.

  241. I’d like to win as we’ve just had a new puppy, a golden retriever and I’ve heard Dyson are the best for pet hair – our current Vax is not so good.

  242. I would love to win the Dyson V8 Absolute as it would make my life so much easier with ensuring that my dogs forever shredding dog hair can be removed with ease on an hourly or daily basis.

  243. I would love to win because my hoover is so heavy and i really struggle to carry it around. would be so much easier without the risk of tripping over the cord.

  244. We run a very busy farmhouse B&B and go through Vacuum cleaners like we go through socks. Would love to try this to see if it can cope.

  245. I’ve always had second hand hoovers and have been eyeing up the dyson v8 would be amazing to finally get a brand new one

  246. Would love one with a baby who eats anything off the floor and a toddler who makes a lot of mess it would be very handy!

  247. I have always wanted to have a dyson and my current hoover needs to go to hoover heaven now as its way past its use date now

  248. I would love this hoover! It looks amazing! I really need a new one too at the moment and this would be perfect for us as a family of 5 plus a dog, absolutely fantastic prize! x

  249. because its hard keeping the place clean with my current hoover, with a large family and 3 cats to clean up after, and i would love one that doesnt hold me back with a cord as i have to unplug it and plug it in again to clean a different room

  250. Because I love Dyson and I would love a cordless vacuum in order to get upstairs with it and without difficulty.

  251. having the cord and trailing up the stairs is a nightmare.this would make it alot easier for even my kids to tidy their bedrooms

  252. I need a new vacuum cleaner and the Dyson would seem to be the very best one on the market, also because it is cordless.

  253. I’d love to win as now age 70 I am having problems manoeuvring and lifting my traditional machine around the downstairs and getting it upstairs is a nightmare!

  254. I’m a member of Which? and this Dyson has top rated reviews by them; I also would love to vacuum without being tied with a lead, sounds perfect.

  255. Our current vacuum cleaner is an old Dyson upright and, whilst its still in good working order, its very heavy and gives me backache – I really need a lighter machine and this one looks suitable for using on furniture and curtains as well as floors :o)

  256. I’m sick of lugging a heavy coded vacuum everywhere that ends up dragging dirt about with the wire but can’t afford a cordless vacuum.

  257. The reason I would love to win this Dyson Vacuum Cleaner, is mainly because it’s lightweight, I suffer quite regularly with a bad back so to have a vacuum which is lightweight and cordless would be perfect.

  258. Would love a Dyson V8 as I have a dog who sheds each season and it’s so much easier to get the V* out than my current heavy vacuum

  259. I’ve been wanting a Dyson ever since I saw the first one and now that my old vacuum has died it’s time to get that Dyson.

  260. with one lung that doesnt wok and one that is stuffed a light weight cleaner would be so much easier for me to clean with and a dyson would make my environment healthier too !

  261. I would love to win this fabulous Dyson because my hoover is not very good at picking up hair and dust which aggravates my asthma, and because I have always wanted a Dyson soo much.

  262. I need a vacuum for my basement as it is carpeted so I don’t have to drag my vacuum from upstairs down there each time.

  263. with having pets and being disabled it will be easier to use myself, without having to ask my hubby to do it all the time

  264. I would love to Win this vacuum, for my home. Both my mum and dad have one in there house and it’s brilliant. Really would love to see how it would do on my carpets on floors. Thanks for the chance

  265. I have my daughters one, which was a gift for her uni place. She doesn’t know that it is her technically , she needs this as this is a student necessity.

  266. I’d love to win one as I’ve never owned a Dyson and also because I’m fed up of dragging the hoover up the stairs and getting stuck in rooms with the wire & plug not being long enough! This would also be perfect for cleaning the inside of my car!

  267. I would love the V8 Dyson because it’s cordless (no trip hazard) and it would be super efficient in our pet owning household

  268. The new Dyson cordless is really good at picking up dirt and dust and pet hairs – really need a new vacuum and being cordless it makes it so convenient to use

  269. I have 3 dogs and Dysons are the only hoovers that are great at lifting dog hair! It would be a lot lighter than my current one!

  270. Fab prize! The head of my Hoover keeps falling off it’s so frustrating. I’d love to own a hand held one. Much easier to use than pulling it behind you.

  271. great technology, light weight, great suction, better than the one from sainsbury’s which breaks very easily

  272. simply being a 24/7 carer ,mother and owner of sevral pets , and myself with hip arthritis and in my hands a smart decent lightweight and cordlessvacuum oh I could whip round and get my home tidy in no time yes please

  273. I don’t own a vacuum and would like to have a better way of cleaning floors and carpets, using a broom is tiring and hard.

  274. I want to win, because I’ve been looking for this type of vacuum to clean under furniture and on my stairs. This one looks perfect.

  275. My hoover is rubbish! the tube for stair cleaning is held on with electrical tape and the suction is pants!

  276. If love to win a Dyson as its light and compactable and my current hoover is so heavy my dog is malting and this would be so handy around the house x

  277. I would like to win this because it’s cordless which makes it easy to go from room to room, and it doesn’t take up a lot of space like the one I currently have does.